Meet Donald Hyun Kiolbassa: The Most Interesting Man in the World & BUNDLAR Investor

Shaolin monk. Lawyer. Gold medalist. C.P.A. Vice Chair. Movie ninja. And now BUNDLAR‘s newest champion.

With all respect to Dos Equis, Donald Hyun Kiolbassa is the REAL Most Interesting Man in the World.

Don currently is a top rated Chicago real estate and federal tax lawyer and president and owner of Donald Hyun Kiolbassa, Attorney at Law. He also has a life story usually saved for Hollywood–unsurprisingly one of the chapters in his story.

I asked Don for a quick rundown of his professional life. My head sort of exploded.

My name is Donald Kiolbassa J.D., C.P.A. I am the President and Owner of a top producing real estate law firm. I am a Board member of the Illinois Real Estate Lawyer Association and Vice Chair of the Chicago Bar Association Real Property Division.

I was a 2008 Gold Medalist for the U.S. Wushu Team (Chinese Martial Arts), which led me to be signed by Warner Bros Games. I received credits for the Mortal Kombat and the Injustice franchises. My experience in gaming led to my first book deal, where I translate Martial Arts principles for character development for kids.  

Oh! He forget to mention he’s also a Shaolin monk. Don’s past is special, and gives him a unique and rare perspective.

“When I was training as a monk at the Shaolin temple, they taught me a very important phrase, ‘Sho Da.’ It represents a story — that if you have two handfuls of rice, you can’t pick up a steak unless you give a handful of rice to someone that you’re helping. That’s why I make it a focus to develop talent. So long as you make it a mission to develop talent in your universe, then your universe continues to grow. Every paralegal that works for me knows that their success represents my success.”

With ‘Sho Da’ as his guide, Don saw something special in BUNDLAR that he found worth sharing a handful of rice.

I was an early customer of BUNDLAR for my books. When I saw the reaction that the AR product had on the kids, I knew I had to become an investor. I aggressively pursued BUNDLAR to become one of their first investors. I was impressed with the technology, but I was more impressed with the management and how they executed on solving my problem.

Don first approached BUNDLAR to augment the cover of his book, Discover Your Dragon using our PublishReality app. Yes, Don is also a published author.

“I wrote Discover Your Dragon as a blueprint for success by translating martial arts principles to character development. As a product of the Chicago Public School System, I stuck to this blueprint and map, and it’s really helped me get to where I am today.”

BUNDLAR is beyond thrilled to be adding Don to our family to grow the vision we all have for augmented reality.

“I believe that AR technology will change the way we interface and interact with our customers. I think BUNDLAR can deliver the practical solutions needed for the modern workplace.”

DuSable Museum AR Tour Chosen for Smithsonian Affiliation National Conference: “Re-Booting with Interactive Augmented Reality”

The DuSable Museum of African American History, partnered with Avidity Technology, Google, and powered by BUNDLAR – Augmented Reality (AR) Made Easy – has been selected by the Smithsonian Affiliations National Conference to lecture about the success of the Mayor Harold Washington AR exhibit launched in April.

The Smithsonian Affiliations National Conference 2019 is scheduled to take place between June 23-26 at the Hilton in Washington, D.C. The speech titled “Re-Booting with Interactive Augmented Reality” will be presented by Perri L. Irmer, President & CEO of the DuSable Museum of African American History, Mark A. Hall, Vice President of Avidity Technologies, Inc., and Mary Ann Thornton, Director of Operations of Avidity Technologies.

The description of the lecture: “In 2018, The DuSable Museum used a Google grant to fund technology infrastructure improvements, as well as to develop new technology features for the museum’s permanent exhibit, The Harold Washington Story. The most exciting component was a new augmented reality app, The Augmented DuSable Museum. The technology merges the ideas of developers, designers, content creators, curators and others, and results in an engaging product that will enhance the museum experience. This session will present the challenges and successes experienced during the planning and implementation of the project, and the ongoing realization of this exciting re-boot at the nation’s oldest independent black history museum.”

During the lecture, Perri, Mark, and Mary Ann will utilize printed images to showcase a variety of the exhibit’s AR capabilities during a live demo.

VIDEO: A 3D animated Mayor Harold Washington greets you when you enter the exhibit.

When a visitor enters the exhibit, a giant mural is the first thing they see. Through a visitor’s smartphone and the DuSable Museum AR app (Android / iOS), the art will trigger a 3D animated Mayor Harold Washington that introduces them to the exhibit .

Users aim their phone’s camera at different images or objects throughout the exhibit, each launching an AR Media Player with images or video, informational copy, and a trivia question. A list screen with images and short descriptions directs visitors to each artifact.

IMAGE: Users will scroll through a list to see what images or objects they need to point their camera phone at to trigger an informational media player (image four), the 3D introduction, or an AR photo booth.

On the way out, visitors will be able to take a picture with an animated 3D Mayor Harold Washington using BUNDLAR’s AR Photo Booth.

VIDEO: Take a picture with a 3D animated Mayor Harold Washington using BUNDLAR’s AR Photo Booth.

Phase Two of the project will expand the AR experiences on the tour to include a digital puzzle, coloring book, and an animated 3D submarine submerging.

To learn more about AR and how BUNDLAR — AR Made Easy! — can help you reach your augmented reality goals, visit and contact

Harvard Business Review: Why Every Organization Needs an Augmented Reality Strategy

Sometimes it’s best to just let the smartest people in the room handle it.

The Harvard Business Review series “A Manager’s Guide to Augmented Reality” written by Michael E. Porter, a Harvard Business School professor, and James E. Heppelmann, the CEO of PTC, a leading industrial software developer, did just that, taking a deep dive into the often misunderstood world of augmented reality (AR) as a business solution.

The first article of the series “Why Every Organization Needs an Augmented Reality Strategy” opens with the foundational need for AR — to bring digital data into a real world environment. From animated 3D graphics to videos & sound to raw data, all can be instantly projected through a smartphone or tablet.

“There is a fundamental disconnect between the wealth of digital data available to us and the physical world in which we apply it. While reality is three-dimensional, the rich data we now have to inform our decisions and actions remains trapped on two-dimensional pages and screens. This gulf between the real and digital worlds limits our ability to take advantage of the torrent of information and insights produced by billions of smart, connected products (SCPs) worldwide.

Augmented reality, a set of technologies that superimposes digital data and images on the physical world, promises to close this gap and release untapped and uniquely human capabilities. 

With this newfound toolset, businesses and institutions can provide instant, on-demand information to customers, students, or employees, anywhere at anytime, either through image recognition or a geofence — the data is triggered on a user’s device by a geotagged location, rather than an image.

(This blog post will focus on this first section, and will cover the second half dedicated to strategy and implementation later.)

The duo continued by breaking AR as a business solution down into a few sections, the first being ‘AR’s Key Capabilities’:

  1. Visualize: See 3D models of hidden car parts (below) or organs inside the human body.
  2. Instruct and guide: Realtime, on-demand training.
  3. Interact: Create virtual control panels and measure employee performance. Spin and re-size 3D products to see every inch before you purchase.

The second, ‘How AR Creates Value’: “AR creates business value in two broad ways: first, by becoming part of products themselves, and second, by improving performance across the value chain—in product development, manufacturing, marketing, service, and numerous other areas.”

  1. AR as a product feature: From the aforementioned virtual control panels to AR driven games to navigation, AR can be the product.
  2. AR and the value chain: design visualizations, product development, logistics, training, among many other aspects can increase efficiency and save companies money.

Third, ‘Product Development’: “AR allows 3D models to be superimposed on the physical world as holograms, enhancing engineers’ ability to evaluate and improve designs.”

Fourth, ‘Manufacturing’: “In manufacturing, processes are often complex, requiring hundreds or even thousands of steps, and mistakes are costly. As we’ve learned, AR can deliver just the right information the moment it’s needed to factory workers on assembly lines, reducing errors, enhancing efficiency, and improving productivity…. AR dramatically reduces errors and increases productivity in factories.”

Fifth, ‘Logistics’: “Warehouse operations are estimated to account for about 20% of all logistics costs, while picking items from shelves represents up to 65% of warehouse costs. AR instructions direct workers to the location of each product to be pulled and then suggest the best route to the next product.” 

Sixth, ‘Marketing and Sales’: “AR is redefining the concept of showrooms and product demonstrations and transforming the customer experience. When customers can see virtually how products will look or function in a real setting before buying them, they have more-accurate expectations, more confidence about their purchase decisions, and greater product satisfaction.”

Seventh, ‘After-sales Service’: “AR assists technicians serving customers in the field in much the same way it helps workers in factories: by showing predictive analytics data generated by the product, visually guiding them through repairs in real time, and connecting them with remote experts who can help optimize procedures.”

And finally, ‘Human Resources’: “Early AR adopters like DHL, the U.S. Navy, and Boeing have already discovered the power of delivering step-by-step visual worker training on demand through AR. AR allows instruction to be tailored to a particular worker’s experience or to reflect the prevalence of particular errors.”

We suggest reading the entire article for great real life examples and to get a more detailed prospective on how AR is revolutionizing the business world. To learn more about AR and how BUNDLAR — AR Made Easy — can help you reach your augmented reality goals, visit and contact