Alan Smithson of MetaVRse & Matthew Wren of BundlAR Headline the 2112 Immersive Tech Summit

On Saturday, 2112, a Chicago incubator/accelerator focused on the development of businesses solutions for music, film/video, and creative technologies, hosted the 2112 Immersive Tech Summit.

The day-long Summit included industry leaders in immersive tech presenting cutting-edge workshops & demos exploring virtual, augmented & mixed reality conceptualization, production & post-production, branding & marketing case studies, trends, best practices & standards, and market adoption.

BundlAR CTO and VRAR Association – Chicago President Matthew Wren kicked off the keynote lectures with the deftly titled “Augmented Reality – Where we AR Now & Where We AR Going.”

Alan Smithson from MetaVRse flew in from Canada to steal the show with his keynote “209 Ways Organizations are Using XR Now.”

(2112 streamed both keynotes on Facebook Live, which you can view here and here, respectively.)

Another intersting presentation came from Dekker Dreyer of Clever Fox Media and Columbia College Chicago touching on The Future of AR/VR.

BundlAR CEO John Martin also lectured on Business & Higher Education Augmented Reality Solution focusing on a few of our success stories including New College Institute and STMG International.

BundlAR CEO John Martin discusses the many ways a university can use augmented reality on their campus.

The 2112 Immersive Tech Summit also brought together many leaders in the XR industry for a special dinner on Friday night including Matt & John from BundlAR, Alan from MetaVRse, Keith Soljacich of Digitas North America, Mark Mallchok of Brella Productions, Davinder Kohli of XentStudios, LLC, Aaqib Usman of Midwest Immersive, M.J. Anderson of RealityBLU, Mfon Akpan of National Louis University, and Hayley Schilling from Chicago Booth.

ST Media Group International Releases First Augmented Reality Magazines

Some foods just go together. Peanut butter and jelly. Milk and cookies. Bacon and eggs. Chips and salsa. The ingredients, their flavors, combine to elevate the other. Food parings aside, print media and augmented reality (AR) compliment each other similarly.

If it’s closing the new digital divide–the sales lost when a potential customer reads about an item and then forgets to purchase it later–with digital product information buttons and links to e-commerce solutions. Or educating and wowing readers with video, audio, dynamic 3D graphics, interactive AR experiences, and more, AR connects the reader to the digital world and delivers a truly unique experience.

ST Media Group International, a global provider of trade information, began their AR journey on BundlAR’s PublishReality app (enter code “stmg18”) by partnering with LexJet to augment the covers of the Signs of the Times, Big Picture, and Screen Printing magazine covers with video messages from their editors. LexJet also had their own AR enhanced ad that launched a video in each publication.

A bonus to AR is that is also works with digital media, an important factor because all of ST Media Group’s publications are available online.

Adrienne Palmer, the Editor-in-Chief of Big Picture magazine was thrilled her online readers would have the same AR experience as her print viewership.

“This is so cool! And I’m amazed it works via the digital edition. Awesome.”

Unlike with other tech advances that have hurt publishing, augmented reality isn’t disrupting print, but elevating it. It’s creating new inventory to sell for publishers and allowing advertisers and sponsor to tell their brand’s story on a new medium, while creating memorable moments for their readers that are more likely to turn into direct sales.

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NCI’s Augmented Reality Interactive 3D Engineer Inspires Students

Looking for a way to engage junior high and high school students in a creative and interactive way, New College Institute (Virginia) approached BundlAR about our Augmented Reality (AR) Demo Wall (retractable banner) they saw at eduWeb 2018 in San Diego.

NCI’s Assistant Director of Academics and Communications, Melany Stowe, wanted to give kids an engaging experience when learning about potential professions at an upcoming career fair and for future marketing efforts.

After the initial planning, BundlAR and NCI decided on a retractable banner that would launch a 3D AR Engineer named Max. The kids could take a picture with Max (and an NCI logo) and also launch videos and other information about becoming an engineer by pressing digital AR icons. It worked!

The night of the event, Melany emailed BundlAR, “The students loved it!” with a link to over 100 pictures from the event. The reaction of the kids seeing themselves with Max, as well as the videos popping out of nowhere on the iPads was priceless.

NCI took it a step further by brilliantly repurposing their banners to create handouts students could take home with them and show to their friends and family.

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