DuSable Museum Unveils New Augmented Reality App Powered by BUNDLAR

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DuSable Museum Unveils New Augmented Reality App

Chicago, IL. – In 2018, Google generously awarded a grant to the DuSable Museum of African American History for technology infrastructure improvements, as well as to develop new technology features for the museum’s permanent exhibit, “The Harold Washington Story.”

With this grant, the DuSable Museum was able to purchase and install three new servers (network, storage and security), new security cameras and a new Wi-Fi system for the museum. The most exciting opportunity afforded the museum is the development of a new augmented reality app titled, “The Augmented DuSable Museum.” 

DuSable Museum worked with Avidity Technologies Inc., the museum’s IT consultant and project manager, and BUNDLAR for the development of the new augmented reality app. “The Augmented DuSable Museum app is a coordinated effort of DuSable Museum’s leadership, Avidity Technologies, and BUNDLAR to bring this Google funded project to fruition,” said Mark Hall, Vice President of Avidity Technologies. “It has been amazing to merge the ideas of developers, designers, content creators, curators, and others, resulting in an engaging product that we are confident will enhance the museum experience.”

Features of the app include augmented reality experiences launched when artifacts and images are scanned. The experience begins with a hologram of Harold Washington. The hologram Harold, complete with movement and gestures, offers a brief greeting and overview of the exhibit. There is also a photo booth wall and when launched, visitors can take a picture with the hologram Harold Washington using their mobile device and then share it on social media.

“With any newer technology, first adopters take on risk, but are also rewarded as industry innovators,” said John Martin, CEO of BUNDLAR. “DuSable Museum and Avidity Technologies Inc. immediately understood the power of augmented reality (AR) and how it will revolutionize what they do. They saw the incredible value of giving visitors access to additional information via video and other interactive AR experiences in the palm of their hands using AR delivered by smartphones. Working step-by-step with them has been a pleasure. They get ‘it’ and are setting an incredibly high bar for the rest of Chicago museums to try and reach with the first fully functional AR app in the city.”

In addition, artifacts and pictures that have been selected as markers launch such experiences as related videos, trivia questions, and facts about the artifacts.

The Harold Washington Story exhibit at the DuSable Museum also received a facelift, completed by museum designers Martin Giese and Brenda Liboy. Visitors will enjoy the new open and brighter look of the space. With a few finishing touches underway, the exhibit area will re-open to the public in early March.

The Augmented DuSable Museum app is now available for download on mobile devices at the Apple and Google Play stores. For the convenience of museum visitors, a quick scan of a QR code in the exhibit area is available.

About The DuSable Museum of African American History 

The DuSable Museum of African American History is one of the oldest institutions of its kind in the country. Our mission is to promote understanding and inspire appreciation of the achievements, contributions and experiences of African Americans and African history, culture and art. The DuSable Museum is a Smithsonian Institution Affiliate. For more information on the museum and its programs, please call 773-947-0600 or visit us at www.dusablemuseum.org. The DuSable Museum of African American History gratefully acknowledges the Chicago Park District’s partnership and also thanks United Airlines, the official airline of the DuSable Museum, for its support.


BUNDLAR is a market leading augmented reality solutions (AR) provider for businesses and institutions. Our proprietary API, Content Management System (CMS), and Mobile App Platform simplifies the process of incorporating cutting-edge AR  technology into corporate and institutional initiatives.

BUNDLAR provides a variety of AR solutions including PublishReality for printers, publishers, & marketers, eXpoReality for trade shows & conventions, and CampusReality for higher education & museums. Learn more at www.bundlAR.com.

What Do Our Customers & Partners Have to Say About BUNDLAR: PublishReality

BUNDLAR has officially been a company for over a year now, and over the next couple weeks we will take a look back at a couple custom augmented reality (AR) solutions we’ve delivered and what our clients’ have said about our work. Today we will focus on our PublishReality AR app.

PublishReality allows third party marketers, printers, and publishers to “jump on” an iOS and Android public-facing AR app simply by inputting a code, instead of developing a custom branded app. That code downloads the AR experiences for their specific use. Today we will discuss Saint Louis University – Madrid Campus and ST Media Group International.

Saint Louis University – Madrid: Enhanced Admit Pack

“A few students who participated in the videos were in our office when we tested and they were amazed. We started taking a look at the functionality of the app and [were] excited! It works quickly and the quality is great.”
-Heidi Buffington, Director of Admissions at SLU-Madrid.

In Spain, we helped Saint Louis University – Madrid Campus wow and educate their incoming students by enhancing their Admit Pack with video, digital information bubbles, and links to critical websites like a university guide on how to secure a visa. Potential students entered the code ‘slumadrid’ to access a SLU-Madrid branded app & AR experience.

ST Media Group International: AR Print & Digital Magazine

“This is so cool! And I’m amazed it works via the digital edition. Awesome.”
-Adrienne Palmer, the Editor-in-Chief of Big Picture 

ST Media Group International, a global provider of trade information, used our PublishReality app to partner with LexJet to augment the covers of the Signs of the TimesBig Picture, and Screen Printing magazines with video messages from their editors. LexJet also had their own AR enhanced ad that launched a video in each publication.

The AR experience was received so well, ST Media Group International was nominated for a Folio Digital Award in Digital Activation.

To learn more about custom augmented reality solutions for print & digital media using BUNDLAR’s PublishReality AR app, email info@bundlar.com.

P&G’s 3D Sponge Barb AR Photo Booth Steals The Show At Natural Foods Expo West

Procter & Gamble’s organic supplements and vitamins brand, New Chapter, delivered an AR experience at Natural Foods Expo West that engaged their customers, while memorializing the event and providing a “virtual postcard” to use as follow up with attendees by utilizing a BUNDLAR interactive 3D Augmented Reality (AR) Photo Booth.

“We were looking for an engaging way to interact with buyers and industry friends at the Natural Foods Expo West, when BUNDLAR CEO John Martin shared what their toolkit could offer,” said Marketing Technologist & DTC eComm Leader for New Chapter Rory Foster. “After a few discussions on ideas and execution, we landed on developing a private app for our team to take virtual postcards with guests featuring our in-market campaign icon Sponge Barb.”

Visitor’s of the New Chapter space could resize, spin, and reposition the Sponge Barb 3D model to place it in fun ways. When they found the right spot, a New Chapter representative would take a branded photo to be shared on social media or in a follow up email.

The AR Photo Booth experience was such a hit, New Chapter is expecting to use AR in multiple verticals in the future. It also educated decision makers in the supplement and vitamin industry on AR.

“Besides being a fun way to capture the moment at Expo West, it was also a great way to introduce AR’s ‘art of the possible’ to our sales channel and retail customers.” Foster continued. “We are already planning more permanent installations of the tech, and the team at BUNDLAR has made it easy by being highly responsive and collaborative throughout the process.”

To learn more about BUNDLAR custom augmented reality solutions and our popular AR Photo Booth, email info@bundlar.com.

Augmented Reality ‘Thrills’ Attendees at the 42nd Training Mag Conference

BUNDLAR and Training magazine partnered to deliver unique augmented reality (AR) experiences to the attendees of the 42nd Annual Training 2019 Conference & Expo.

“We added AR to our March/April print edition, which is our biggest issue of the year, and bonus-distributed at our annual conference,” Lori Gardner Associate Publisher of Training magazine said. “It was so fun to see attendees and exhibitors playing with and experiencing the AR pages on site.”

The enhanced pages in the Training magazine included an article on AR training and ads with digital info bubbles with links to webpages for more information and additional video content. The Conference also smartly enhanced printed materials in their promotional registration bag giving attendees multiple touch points to experience the events promotional AR materials.

“We have numerous exhibitors who are already asking us about how to incorporate AR into their future ad pages and content marketing pages,” Gardner continued. “It’s a thrill to see and hear such enthusiasm for this ‘next gen’ opportunity with print.”

BUNDLAR also showcased multiple uses for AR at the Conference, including the ever popular AR Photo Booth seen here with ARtie the BUNDLAR robot rocking out Training magazine staff.

To learn more about AR and how you can have your own AR enhance magazine, contact BUNDLAR at info@bundlar.com.

To experience the Training magazine yourself, click the link below to download the AR enhanced pages in the magazine. Then download the PublishReality app and enter code ‘trgma19’ when prompted after the download.

ST Media Group International & BUNDLAR Nominated For Folio Digital Awards

In October, ST Media Group International, a global provider of trade information, partnered with LexJet to augment their print and digital magazines (Signs of the TimesBig Picture, and Screen Printing) using BUNDLAR’s PublishReality app to deliver videos anchored to specific magazine pages.

Last week, we got an exciting message from Adrienne Palmer, Editor-in-Chief of Big Picture magazine:

“We submitted Big Picture/Screen Printing/Signs of the Times’ and LexJet’s October augmented reality campaign to the Folio Digital Awards in the Digital Activation category. I’m so happy to share that our campaign is one of six finalists!”

Details about the Folio Digital Awards:

Winners and honorable mentions will be announced during a celebratory luncheon on Thursday, March 21 from 12:00 – 2:30 p.m. at the Yale Club in New York City. Tickets to the Folio: Digital Awards Luncheon can be purchased here.

To check out the AR experiences for yourself, ST Media Group International offers the publications online. Once you find the right magazine, please download the PublishReality app and enter code “stmg18”. You will see an AR indicator image on the pages that are augmented. Point the AR camera at those pages, and enjoy!

To learn more about custom augmented reality solutions for print media, email info@bundlar.com.

Core-apps & BUNDLAR Announce Augmented Reality Info Webinar For Wednesday, February 6th

When BUNDLAR custom augmented reality solutions and Core-apps event apps partnered for Expo! Expo! 2019, we saw firsthand how a simple educational process could demystify augmented reality (AR) for attendees, while showing them the positive impacts AR can have on any trade show or event.

We want to bring that learning experience to the comfort of your home or office.

On Wednesday, February 6th, Core-apps will be hosting an “Augmented Reality for Events” free informational webinar featuring BUNDLAR CEO John Martin and the executive team from Core-apps. The event will be held from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. CST.

Below you will find an informational video about COREality, Core-apps new AR service powered by BUNDLAR for trade show and events.

To register for the free webinar, please click here.

Please free out to info@BUNDLAR.com for any questions, and visit BUNDLAR.com to learn more about AR.

COREality powered by BUNDLAR is changing how trade shows and events are do everything.

JOB LISTING – Web Development Lead


BUNDLAR specializes in augmented reality (AR) solutions for businesses and institutions. We are a market leader in developing AR mobile applications with innovative technology built on our core platform consisting of a web API, Content Management System (CMS), and Mobile App Framework. BUNDLAR provides a variety of AR solutions including PublishReality for printers, publishers & marketers, eXpoReality for trade shows & conventions, and CampusReality for higher education and museums, as well as custom branded applications. Learn more at www.BUNDLAR.com.

Who We Are:

BUNDLAR is a bootstrapped technology startup that is currently raising seed investment in preparation for rapid growth. We are a fast-paced team that is focused on delivering value to our clients through functional, cutting-edge technology solutions. Each team member is an expert with years (often decades) of experience in our specific work areas. BUNDLAR is a rapid growth company that in less than a year of existence is recognized as a market leader, with strategic partnerships in each of our industry verticals.

Who you are:

The BUNDLAR team is seeking an experienced web development lead to augment our team and take the lead on building out client / public facing versions of our web CMS interfaces. Responsibilities will include UX and UI design and development of front-end web pages and applications. This will require experience with web display of 3D models and assets, so prior experience with 3D graphics is a huge plus. This position can be 50-80% remote, but expect to work on-site in Chicago 1-2 days day each week.


  • Expert level at:
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • Javascript
    • UI/UX
  • Solid Skills in:
    • Graphic Design
    • Project management, tracking, reporting
  • Experience with:
    • Augmented Reality
    • Python
    • WordPress
    • Linux
  • Preference given to expertise with:
    • Three.js
    • Unity Development
    • iOS / xCode Development
    • Android Development

What We offer:

  • Fast Growing Company
  • Flexible Work Environment
  • Access to the 1871 Ecosystem – Chicago’s Largest Tech Incubator
  • Opportunity for advancement and leadership

How to Contact Us:

If you think you’re a good fit, please send an email message to info@bundlar.com. Introduce yourself, and include your resume and a link (or links) to some form of portfolio of prior design / development work.

1871 Hosting First VR/AR Chicago MeetUp of 2019 on Wednesday, January 16th

It is only natural for the best to find each other. So when the top incubator in the world, 1871, partnered with Chicago’s leading immersive technology MeetUp, the VR/AR Chicago, it was kismet.

The partnership will officially begin next Wednesday, January 16th, with the topic “Why XR Technology is #TheNextEvolution in Communication” at 1871 from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

“Virtual reality, augmented reality, and extended reality technologies are changing the way that organizations operate in countless industries,” said 1871 CEO Betsy Ziegler. “We’re excited to partner with BundlAR to host the VR/AR Chicago Meetup. This series of thoughtful discussions will benefit our community of entrepreneurs, leaders, and startups by highlighting the many possibilities of these innovative and immersive platforms.”

BundlAR CTO Matt Wren founded and hosts the VR/AR Chicago MeetUp, doubling as the VR/AR Association Chicago Chapter President, as well. With his standing in the XR community, the VR/AR Chicago MeetUp delivers the most unique and immersive monthly event.

Topic Details: With spatial computing and XR technology, we’re on the verge of the next evolution in human communication, where the rectangular screens people have been staring at for the last 40 years are being transformed. Augmented Reality is already starting to place digital information in the context of the physical world that surrounds us. Virtual Reality allows people to be fully immersed into graphic environments. We can now control digital objects by speaking, gesturing, or even reaching out and grabbing just like we would with physical objects. Come learn about where immersive technology is now and where it’s headed through 2019 and beyond.

When: Wednesday, January 16, 2019
Time: 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM
1871 Address: 222 W Merchandise Mart Plaza #1212 · Chicago, IL
How to find 1871: Merchandise Mart, 12th Floor, West End. We’ll be in the auditorium, to the left once you pass the reception desk.

To register for the MeetUp, click here.

Find us on DesignRush, as well.

Core-apps Announces BundlAR Partnership and Live Webinar with CEO John Martin

After a successful augmented reality (AR) collaboration at Expo! Expo! 2018, Core-apps and BundlAR have decided to make it official and will partner to deliver the best and most unique AR experiences at trade shows and events in 2019.

Jay Tokosch, Core-apps CEO, says the goal is to offer organizers and exhibitors an augmented reality experience that works well within the context of a conference or trade show, and is seamless with the event app.

The addition of this emerging technology to the Core-apps platform showcases the company’s dedication to innovation and market leading products for event organizers. Core-apps has partnered with augmented reality specialists BundlAR, to help deliver the new technology and associated content.

Jay Tokosch, Core-apps CEO, says the goal is to offer organizers and exhibitors an augmented reality experience that works well within the context of a conference or trade show, and is seamless with the event app.

“Augmented reality is still an emerging trend, especially in the event industry. We welcome the opportunity to spearhead an AR solution that our clients can easily integrate into their event apps and drive revenue through sponsorships and exhibitors,” he said. “With COREality, you get a fully featured augmented reality offering baked inside the industry’s leading event app.”

Join Core-apps for a tour of their new augmented reality offering via a live webinar that will take place February 6th, 2019 from 1-2pm EST. Jay Tokosch, CEO Core-apps, Wayne Crawford, VP Sales Core-apps and John Martin, CEO BundlAR will host this live event.

Core-apps press release

To register for the the webinar, please click here. To learn more about BundlAR and AR, please email info@bundlar.com. To see how Core-apps is integrating AR into their offerings, visit https://www.core-apps.com/AR

SLU-Madrid’s AR Enhanced Admit Packet Wins Over Prospective Students

Deciding on which university a high school student wants to attend is the biggest decision most of them have made up to that point in their lives. Saint Louis University’s Madrid Campus wanted to separate themselves from other colleges by enhancing their admission packet to prospective students with augmented reality (AR).

SLU-Madrid was able to express that they are not only an international option, but an innovative university that is able to provide its students with unique opportunities and experiences.

“A few students who participated in the videos were in our office when we tested and they were amazed,” said Heidi Buffington, Director of Admissions at SLU-Madrid. “We started taking a look at the functionality of the app and [were] excited! It works quickly and the quality is great.” (SLU-Madrid chose to use BUNDLAR’s PublishReality app as an introduction to AR.)

The addition of AR for SLU-Madrid was practical, using this cutting-edge technology correctly. Each video had a purpose. Each digital info bubble linked to critical webpages like how to apply for a visa or register for student housing. AR wasn’t done to be done, but with a coordinated vision and plan.

The admit packet also introduced AR intelligently to it readers. On the cover is an AR indicator or symbol and a brief message letting prospective students know it has been AR enhanced. Then the reader is given specific instruction on how to download the app and experience each AR enhanced page. The page itself is also enhanced with a unique welcome message from the Academic Dean.

To learn more about AR and how you can have your own AR enhance magazine, contact BUNDLAR at info@bundlar.com.

To experience the Admit Pack yourself, click the link below to download the magazine. Then download the PublishReality app and enter code ‘slumadrid’ when prompted after the download.